Mitsubishi LV16-G
Size: 16" 3 Speed Level Control See Catalogue: Mitsubishi LV16-G Please email to sales@ridon..
Mitsubishi LV16-RR
Size: 16" Color: Classy Gray 3 Speed level Micom Control On/Off Timer See Catalogue: Mitsubishi ..
Mitsubishi LV16SR
16" Remote Control Stand Fan See Catalogue : Mitsubishi LV16S-RT Please email to sales@ridone..
Mitsubishi R16-GU
Size: 16" Color: Soft Gray Tatami Fan 3 Speed control See Catalogue: Mitsubishi Tatami Fan Plea..
Mitsubishi R18-GU
TATAMI FAN Size: 18" See Catalogue: Mitsubishi R18-GU Please email to sales@ridonelectrical...
Mitsubishi R30-M
TATAMI FAN Size: 12" See Catalogue: Mitsubishi R30-M Please email to sales@ridonelectrical.c..
Mitsubishi R30-Z
Size: 12" Tatami Fan  3 Speed Level Micom Control See Catalogue: Mitsubishi R30-Z Please em..
Panasonic F-307KH
Size: 12" 1/f Yuragi breeze function Anti-bacteria Enzyme function 3 speed and electronic ON/OFF ..
Panasonic F-407YS
Size: 16" 3 speed and ON/OFF push button switch Metal Blade See Catalogue:Panasonic Standing Fan ..